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Kevin VanGelder

My Story

I discovered my interest in programming in a high school science competition. The rules permitted building a website for use during the contest, so I taught myself the basics from HTML for Dummies. From there I took a few college courses and got a job with a local small business where I was able to rapidly advance my abilities. Starting from PHP we moved on to Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, and eventually React Native.

Some of the highlights of my career include having the opportunity to work with Microsoft to backport React Native Windows from UWP (Windows 8+) to WPF (Windows 7) and then using that platform to build an impressive desktop video-conferencing client for Windows with BlueJeans. I was also on the team that helped GasBuddy rebuild their divergent iOS and Android applications as a single cross-platform React Native application.

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy riding my Yamaha FZ07 motorcycle, hanging out with my family (I have 12 siblings!), and flying helicopters.

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